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How To Find The Perfect Virtual Administrative Professional

Running a company requires you to be able to manage several roles at once. This can become overwhelming quickly, so many companies outsource administrative tasks to qualified professionals. Knowing who to hire and what you are looking for can be overwhelming, but answering a few questions will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Do you want a freelance or managed assistant?

A Managed Virtual Administrative Professional works for a company that outsources VAP for hire. Some benefits of choosing this route are:

  1. You can hire more than one VAP as needed and, as you grow, who has been trained and vetted by the same company.

  2. The company will manage payroll, taxes, and insurance.

  3. You get a liaison who will help match you to your VAP

  4. Screened by the company so their skills are verified

The downside is this service can be more expensive because they are paying the employee, their bookkeepers, and their liaison. Using a global service that outsources VAPs globally can decrease the cost depending on their location and pay scale.

A Freelance Virtual Administrative Professional works independently, often by contract. There are many benefits to working with freelance VAPs:

  1. They are hired as an employee or on contract, so you determine the amount of work they do and the time. Since you are creating an agreement that fits best for your company, you can choose to end the deal at any time, granted the contract allows for this. Generally, either party has a two-week notification window stating they no longer wish to continue services.

  2. All VAPs have a basic underlying skill set, including basic office duties and knowledge like answering phones and email, filing, and using Microsoft programs. If you want someone more specialized, such as a ghostwriter, bookkeeper, etc., you can hire someone who can do basic administrative duties but specializes in these areas. In essence, you are hiring the perfect candidate who fits with your company, not just the only person you could find who will sort of work locally.

The disadvantage of hiring a freelance VAP is that you have to do the vetting yourself. However, it's fairly easy to do with job platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Once you determine the type of VAP you want to hire, you must assess exactly what you seek. Ideas are: technical, communication, customer service, organizational, project management and time management, multi-tasking, and creative thinking skills are all important in finding the perfect fit for your company.

The last step in determining if a VAP is right for your company, make sure you are clear on the tasks you want handled and know exactly what you are looking for. Being concise in your hiring communication helps reduce misunderstandings and promotes a healthy working relationship.


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