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Prepare Your Business For A Virtual Administrative Professional

Hiring a Virtual Administrative Professional is a great opportunity for business owners to outsource work they no longer have the time or ability to do independently. Figuring out how to bring someone on board can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be another chore. These five tips can help you have a seamless transition and get the help you need.

Know The Tasks You Want To Delegate.

Having a strategy in mind before reaching out to someone can help you clarify exactly what you are looking for. Creating a list of your current administrative tasks will help you see where you need the most help. Once you have an idea of what you need, ask the following questions: Can anyone do the task, or do you need to offer continued guidance and instructions? Is the task taking time away from your ability to focus on running and growing your business? Is the task important, but you avoid it because you don't enjoy it? Is it a low priority in comparison to your other tasks? Does it keep getting put off? It would be best if you were delegating these tasks, so you need someone with experience in these areas.

Document The Process Of Each Task And How You Want Them Handled

Now that you know what you want your VAP to handle, consider what it takes to complete the task. For instance, does the assistant need any login details or specific software programs? Having guidelines is crucial. However, you can write down basic notes and have the VAP create a detailed manual once you hire them. Creating this now will save you time from repeating yourself in the future because they can consult the guide instead of interrupting you. Remember, it shouldn't be a long, drawn-out, over-detailed document. Simple and basic works. It just needs to be clear and easy to understand.

Be Available

A common mistake business owners make when hiring a VAP is assuming they will be less attention and care because they are remote. This is true if you have the correct systems, but sometimes your VAP will contact you for clarification and help. For instance, maybe they know 80% of what you need them to do, but they are a little less experienced in 20% of their workload. They may want to reach out to you more often in the first few weeks until they feel more confident. Most VAPs come with a lot of skills and areas of experience. However, they still don't know everything. Please support them and encourage connection. It is better to have them reach out and get the tools to do the job correctly versus paying them for work that has to be redone.

Have Clear Expectations

Ensure you have communicated the job needed and how you expect it to be handled, including the time frame. Staying in regular contact ensures everyone is on the same page, allowing you to see what they are working on so you always remain in the loop. You can even ask them to send you a daily or weekly summary of work completed and on the agenda.

Make Sure They Have Adequate Feedback And Know They Are Appreciated

Be sure to give your VAP constructive feedback so they know the areas they excel at and areas they need to improve. Ensuring their appreciation helps them stay motivated and encourages them to work hard for you. When they value your leadership, the training you give them will pay off with loyalty and longevity.

Virtual Administrative Professionals is an excellent option if you want to find a dedicated teammate who will work hard for your business. They want to see you succeed and enjoy helping you along the way. Take full control of your time by doing what you are best at and enjoy while delegating the rest.

Click here to download our free guide Hiring A VAP: When to know it's Time.


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