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Skills A Social Media Manager Should Have

Social media managers are responsible for managing a brand's online presence through various channels. They create the online community of a brand through engaging content and convey the image the brand wants to promote that is representative of their company,

Online presence is king when it comes to marketing a company. Whether someone is looking for a place to buy clothes, eat out, stay, or purchase products, more often than not they are scrolling through websites and social media platforms to determine the best choice. Social media managers are huge in companies' marketing, growth, and profitability. Therefore, hiring someone knowledgeable and skilled in this area is imperative.

Skills your social media manager should have are:

  • Ability to work on tight deadlines

  • Advanced knowledge of social channels

  • Analytical Skills

  • Create or work with graphic designers to create content for campaign publications.

  • Develop and create a company persona through online platforms

  • Excellent communications skills

  • Flexibility

  • Generate successful marketing campaigns on social media, garnering leads

  • Increase community engagement through content development

  • Marketing strategy development

  • Partner or collaborate with relevant influencers or brands to organically grow social media following

  • Respond to customers

  • Social media advertising knowledge

  • Writing knowledge for various platforms

Hiring a social media manager is a big deal. This is the person who is creating a majority of the content that will represent your company. You want to ensure their writing style conveys the tone and engagement your company wants, that they are choosing graphics in line with your company's image and reputation, and that they are invested in your company's success. You do not want to hire someone just shelling out information and attaching any photo that fits the topic. You want someone who understands your company's goals and vision so they can represent you accurately.

While it isn't necessary to be an expert in every skill, having experience and the drive to learn is a good idea. The most important areas to know are social media platforms, project management, and communications skills so you can relay what is required and get the best out of yourself or your team. From there, everything else will come together. Being professional will help get you hired and build your capabilities. The most important thing is just to get started.

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