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Social Media Manager

You can generally hire two types of people to manage your social media. You can hire someone to do social media maintenance or you can hire a social media manager. It matters because the cost is significantly higher and their job descriptions differ.

If you hire someone to do social media maintenance, you provide the copy (writing) and they are doing the posting and scheduling for your sites. They will also track impressions (views) and engagements. They may even be willing to help you make your posts visually pleasing by selecting photos. This work is often included in their current pricing.

On the other hand, social media managers are responsible for a lot more, like:

Creating marketing campaigns: Create and distribute campaigns to promote new products and engagements.

Create and schedule content: They are responsible for knowing how marketing works on each platform and creating content that is engaging and pertinent to each one. Then, they will plan content distribution and ensure it posts at the correct time.

Engage with Audience: Responsible for engaging with followers and answering customer questions.

Measure and prove return on investment (ROI): Track performance across all social channels to ensure goals are met within budget.

Monitor analytics: Knowing what campaigns are working across various channels allows investors to assess if their money is being spent in the right areas for growth and development.

Skills needed to be a content manager include the capability to write for various platforms and channels, research capabilities, SEO knowledge, social media expertise, excellent customer service representative, visual intelligence, and adaptability. They need to know the company they are working for, the tone of their desired delivery, and their target audience.

While many social media maintenance jobs are included in the hourly rate of their employees, social media management is a lot of work and knowledge. Therefore, if this is something an employer asks of you that you want to do, make sure you are getting paid for this service. Social media has become the go-to marketing platform for many businesses and possessing these skills is a great opportunity to invest in yourself as a creator.

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