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Virtual Administrative Professional Requirements

Currently, there is no standard educational requirement to become a virtual administrative professional. Many begin their careers as independent contractors, though they can be hired as employees. However, most companies hiring a virtual administrative professional require a minimum of a high school diploma. Though a college degree isn't necessary, most businesses want to ensure the person they hire has standard knowledge of business, computers, and management skills. Depending on what the company is specifically hiring for, they may be looking for more targeted skills, such as web design, social media management, or accounting and bookkeeping skills.

Since this job specifically requires remote work, it is important the virtual administrative professional also has current technological abilities and can learn any apps and programs necessary required when hired. They should be able to grasp new concepts quickly, as every business has preferred productivity software. The company that hires them may also require they can access weekly meetings online. Excellent organizational skills, written and verbal communication are critical as well.

Though not always required, previous experience can be helpful. The less a new employer has to train their new hire, the more valuable they are because there is a minimal learning curve, and they can begin tackling tasks immediately. Luckily, information is readily available today, so taking some inexpensive courses online regarding administrative duties is fairly easy. This will ensure that virtual administrative professionals are appealing to a wider range of employment opportunities for a career in helping others succeed while having the freedom to work on their terms.

Overall, requirements are based on the company hiring the assistant. The more qualifications and job duties the assistant can perform, the higher the wage and value they hold.


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