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Will My Website Designer Create Content For Me?

Most web designers are not content developers. However, some do offer satisfactory services. If this is something you want from your designer, you need to communicate this with them immediately so they know the required services and if they can accommodate your needs.

If you decide to have them create your content, ensure you can clearly understand what they offer and their style. Do you want someone more factual, playful, professional, laid-back, upbeat, or mainstream? Know what vibe you want to convey, ensure it is in line with your brand and the business theme you are creating, and proceed from there. If your website designer is more professional and mainstream, that may not be what you want if your business is professional but laid back and modern.

Another option is for you to create the content for your site. This is a great way to convey to your target audience who you are, what you stand for, and your brand's overall personality. People who relate to what you are sharing are more likely to gravitate toward you. You want to ensure you get someone to proofread your writing and give you honest feedback. Just because you think your writing is phenomenal doesn't mean anyone else does. You want to ensure you connect with your target audience, not scare them away.

Another thing to remember is how many people you are trying to reach. Do you want your business to go global, or are you marketing to a smaller niche? This is important because website writing differs from blog, book, and academic writing. If you are trying to go big and reach multiple states and countries, you want someone who specifically does website writing so they can keep things in mind like page hierarchy, keywords, SEO, and meta descriptions. However, if you want to reach the population of your small hometown, having someone who is a great writer is just as good as having a website writer., and may even be the better choice for this instance.

There are many things to remember when deciding who will write the voice of your website. You want to ensure you hire someone who understands your vision and what you are trying to project to others. This is your brand, company, and dream- ensure it is represented well.


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